Must Try Iranian Dishes in Dubai

Iranian Cuisine, one of the more popular cuisines in UAE has changed the taste buds of many a traveler who has visited the country. The cuisine is known for its moist meats, rice and naan breads in a special blend of spices. Spices like saffron, dried lime, cinnamon and parsley are mixed in most of the traditional dishes of Iran. Fruits like plums, prunes and apricots also find their way into many traditional dishes. The signature flavor of Iranian Cuisine is the combination of sweet, spicy and tangy.

Here are some of the most popular Iranian Dishes served at all Iranian restaurants in Dubai.

Kashke Bademjan: is an appetizer prepared with eggplant and strained yogurt. This dish is usually served in Balls or after being presses through a sieve in long strips. Eggplant that is fried and mashed is added to walnuts that have been processed to tiny pieces. Yogurt is then added to the walnuts along with onions that have been fried to a golden brown. All components of the dish are then placed on the serving plate and garnish is added. Kashke Bademjan is usually served with naan bread or flat toast bread.


Meygu Polo: Meygu polo or shrimp rice is a traditional Iranian dish made with rice, shrimp, raisins, walnuts and caramelized onions. It’s a popular dish along the coastal regions of Iran and a signature dish in many Iranian restaurants in Dubai. One of the most delicious dishes is also the most easy to prepare. Meygu polo is Persian steamed rice with a sautéed topping of shrimp, raisins and walnuts. The topping is completed with butter spread on the top.

Jojeh Kabab: Kababs are one among the most popular Iranian dishes such that restaurants in Iran offer kababs made with every possible variety of meat that can be skewered. Jojeh kabab is made from skinless and boneless chicken breast. Jojeh Kabab is saffron chicken served with rice or flat bread. In most places in Iran, it is enjoyed with a tinge of lemon.


khorak e mahi:  is a Iranian dish made with tuna fish. A grilled fish served with sautéed mushrooms, onions and potato. Khorak in Persian refers to a dish made with a variety of vegetables along with any meat. Khorak e mahi is a dish that is prepared by frying the tuna and adding the chopped mushrooms, onions, salt, pepper and lemon juice at medium heat. The dish is served with a topping of fried potatoes.

Tah Deeg: The Iranians love foods that have a burnt flavor.  And that is why tah deeg is one of the signature dishes served in Iranian restaurants around the world. Tah deeg is steamed rice with potatoes or other vegetables with a crunchy top. Oil is poured in the pot and rice or the vegetables is lined at the bottom of the pot, then the rice is added and left to steam, a cloth is used as a lid for the pot. When the rice is steamed you would find the rice or the vegetables at the bottom of the pot seem burnt but would have a crispy and delightful taste.


In Dubai there are Iranian restaurants that suit all pockets. So, if you are in the city do not miss the opportunity to treat yourself to some of these amazing Iranian dishes.

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