Offshore Equipment in UAE

An offshore oilfield is a structure built for the extraction of oil that is found under water beds. The extraction of oil from under waterbeds requires a geological study and a topographical study of the floor and drilling for further exploration. The UAE being the second largest exporter of crude oil has offshore oil deposits and drilling is vital to the economy and the companies and workers that rely on the success of the industry. The oil that is obtained from onshore and offshore oilfields amounts to a considerable portion of the revenue of the nation. The UAE in the year 2014 had begun drilling to deeper depths at offshore locations to extract oil. The offshore equipment that had the capacity of drilling to depths which were between 45 and 50 meters were not sufficient. Offshore oilfield equipment took a major change in the past two years, when equipment that could drill to deeper depths was built. The offshore equipment that was manufactured was built to extract a greater capacity from deeper locations from the sea. Companies in UAE have been up to the task manufacturing SESV’s (Sub sea Equipment support vessel) that have been shipped to many major offshore oilfields around the world including the North Sea. Offshore equipment includes,

Ships: A few different kinds of vessels required for oil extraction are Seismic vessels, floating drilling units for prospecting and exploratory boring, under water equipment for completion of prospecting and exploratory wells, salvage vessels, oil transportation tankers, liquefied gas tankers and Floating storages.

A Seismic vessel: is a vessel that discovers the exact location where oil is under the water bed.

Floating Drilling Units

Floating Drilling Units

Floating drilling units: There are various kinds of drilling units that are used at different locations based on the depth of the water source under which they drill. A few floating drilling units are Swamp barges, Jack ups, Semi- Submersible, drill ship. These units carry drilling equipment and when they are afloat over the location that has proven to contain oil, the drilling equipment is lowered and the process begins.

Oil Transportation Tankers: Oil Transportation tankers are ships that are used to transport the crude oil from the extraction points to the refineries.

Drilling Equipment: Equipment that is required for the drilling are as follows: Drilling outfits, draw works winches, crown and crown block situated at the top of the rig, traveling block, draw works, sand pipe, engine, fuel or water tanks, swivel, rotary hose, turn table, pipe rack, conductor pipe, bore hole, bit, drill pipe, mud pit and mud pump.  These parts are fitted to form a drill that is used to drill under the sea bed.

Drilling Contractors in UAE

Drilling Equipments

This equipment has to be selected to be used at the appropriate site based on the geology of the drilling site. Offshore oilfield drilling requires experts who can handle the multitudinous equipment and have a sound knowledge of the conditions under which they work.

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