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Office spaces are places where productivity levels are meant to be at their highest. However, in some cases, the vibe or feel of the workplace lacks a certain ‘mojo’ that give you that nudge. Try changing a few things around, personalising your space, and improving the overall mojo of your workspace to get more productive and be the best you can be.


If you’re not sure what changes you need to make to create a productive atmosphere with the right vibes, just read on down to get inspired.

Office Interiors That Boost Productivity

One good way to put capital to good use, and to increase productivity, output and annual earnings is to invest in making your office space refreshing and unique. Though one might suggest a complete overhaul, small changes to your regular workspace can go a long way. When designing a super-productive office space there are five things you need to keep in mind – color, comfort, affordability, flexibility and personalization. Here are a few Ideas to help improve the vibes of your workspace, to increase your creativity and productivity.


Though offices are places of ‘profession’ and need to remain ‘professional’, some argue the difference between plain and remaining professional. According to a survey, one out of four employees find workplaces to have an adverse effect on helping their well-being, with the majority of the arguments involving the ‘lack of color’. There is a line between plain and simple and while simple elegant office interiors play out well, dull and boring office interiors do not.


The power of color is highly underestimated, especially its effect on productivity and benefits to a workplace. Dull office interiors are a thing of the past and vibrant work environments have proved to improve the productivity of employees. Even so, applying the right colors can have a positive effect on productivity, stimulating the brain the right way, while the wrong colors could throw the workspace out of balance.

colorful office interiors


According to studies, office spaces with more natural light had lower rates of employee absence and high productivity levels. If there aren’t many sources of natural light in your office, installing a full spectrum lighting system is a good alternative, simulating the feel of natural light. Dark, dull working environments kill productivity and cause a much lower output than a brighter office would.



Adding a little greenery never hurt anyone, and studies have shown that plants and nature in a workplace do have certain benefits. Plants and greenery have proved to reduce stress at offices up to 60 percent, which improving the productivity by 30 percent. Not only do plants add a little color to the workplace, but through photosynthesis plants let out oxygen, automatically making the workspace more refreshing. Adding some greenery to your office is probably the most inexpensive way to improve productivity.


Private Spaces and Recreation Rooms

A private think-spot or a small getaway might be something we all need during a rough day at work. Small private or recreational areas can help improve concentration, stimulate the flow of thoughts and ideas, and help de-stress and remain collected. Private spaces are extremely important especially when employees need to build strategies and solutions before deadlines.

private office spaces

Open-Office Concept

The open office concept reduces stress by a great amount while saving time, energy and improving productivity. Open offices allow continuous connections between employees, building good relationships between co-workers, managers, and bosses. This increases the continuity of work and collaboration and is attractive to talent of the new generation.

open office concept

Collaborative Office Interiors

A combination of both open and private spaces in an office is key to optimal productivity. Employees need an open work environment for continuous flow of communication, ideas, and chemistry, as well as private spaces to concentrate, collect and think. Having a common ‘brainstorming’ space with comfortable and sociable furniture can help improve teamwork, building a strong productive team.

collaborative office interiors

Refreshing and unique concepts, ideas and designs of office interiors are key in making your workplace productive and contributive to a better work-life balance. With an office interior that’s done right, you can make your office a stress-free environment with vibes that boost productivity and output. You can also acquire the services of an interior decorator or service providers who specialize in designing productive office interiors to revamp your workspace.

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