Different car rental fuel policies in Dubai


Most of the tourists who visit UAE would like to hire or rent a car for shear pleasure of driving luxurious cars, personal convenience and for a splendid time in the country. Tourists may have many doubts & questions about renting a car and the most frequently asked questions are about the car rental fuel policies. There are a few of general fuel policies that you should probably know before you rent a car in Dubai. In most of the Car rental companies, the renter pays for the fuel except for some companies that offer special discounts on fuel charges. And sometimes the companies add the initial fuel charges to the hiring amount of the rental car & provide you with a comprehensive package.


Full to Full Fuel Policy

Under this policy, the rental car comes with a full tank of fuel. The agencies that rent cars under this policy do not charge you any fuel fee or service charge for the fuel filling. You don’t have to pay the agency any extra money for fuel more than the local gas station.

You could pick up your rental car from the agency after paying a refundable deposit for fuel.  You just have to pick up the car with a a full tank from the agency and return the car with a full tank of fuel.  That means you would have to refill the fuel you have consumed. In this way, you just pay for the fuel you have used.

However, In case you fail to return the vehicle with the same amount of fuel, the agencies would deduct an equivalent amount from your refundable deposit for the fuel. And this time, they might charge you an additional refueling fee as well.

Fuel Pre-Purchase (with No refund)

This policy is also known as “Full to Empty fuel policy”. In this policy, the renter has to pay for the amount of fuel in the tank before the pick-up. You could drive the car and spend as much as fuel in the tank. The agencies encourage you to empty the tank before you return the car because you aren’t getting your money back for the fuel.

In this policy, there might be a few pitfalls. The agency might charge you little extra money than the regular local gas station. If you are using the rental car for a shorter distance, you leave the car with the fuel which you paid for. You cannot risk dropping off the car with an empty tank, you might land into trouble and you might have to push or tow the car to the agency for return. Some agencies pay you for the left over fuel if you are renting for a longer time period. Many agencies use this as their default fuel policy as it adds to their profit. We urge you to check the fuel policy at the time of inquiry.

Fuel Pre-Purchase (with Refund)

This fuel policy eliminates the pitfalls that you may face in Fuel Pre-Purchase policy (with No Refund). This fuel policy provides the renter with a good amount of flexibility. The renter gets a car with partial or full tank fuel at the time of pick-up and could return the vehicle with any amount of fuel in the car. He/she would get the refund for the amount of fuel left in the car.

The Car renting agency might charge you a slightly higher rate for the fuel that they fill in and in case you return the car with a full tank, the agency might repay you only 7/8th of the amount.

Fuel Pre-Purchase (with Partial Refund)

This fuel policy meets half way between Fuel Pre-purchase (with No Refund) and Fuel Pre-purchase (with refund). This fuel policy gives a decent amount of flexibility to the customer compared to No refund Pre-purchase fuel policy. The renting agency would fill the fuel for you and charge you fuel filling service-charge which is a non-refundable amount. The fuel that the agency fills for you might be slightly costly than the fuel that you buy in the local fuel station.

The Fuel filling service-charge is an amount charged by the agency for its expenses spent on refueling. And you might not get a full refund when you return the car with a full tank. The agency would pay you 7/8th of the amount. We advise you to consume the amount of fuel that you fill as certain agencies who adopt this policy, only refund a partial amount for the fuel that you’ve left in the tank.


Free Tank fuel policy

Under Free tank fuel policy, the renter could hire a car and drive off with a full tank of fuel.  However, this policy would be available mostly with companies that rent luxury cars.  The renter need not worry about the fuel charges. This policy is beneficial only when the car is rented on a competitive rate and you consume the fuel.

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