Best Seafood Restaurants in Dubai

Dubai is well known popular city based on the Persian Gulf coast of the UAE. Being a coastal city, Dubai has a unique Eastern Style cuisine for Seafood and Seafood Restaurants are a must visit place in Dubai. You could walk into a Seafood restaurant and order Authentic Far Eastern Style Cuisine seafood from the menu. The seafood that you ordered would be cooked with freshly caught fish, crab or a lobster from the seawater tanks maintained by the restaurant. The market style seafood restaurants with an Authentic Far Eastern Style Cuisine would make your day. This blog will help you pick and visit the best seafood restaurants for an Authentic Middle Eastern Style Cuisine Seafood.

Al Mahara


Al Mahara is situated inside the famous 7-star hotel Burj Al Arab, Jumeirah Road. The entire restaurant is situated around a vast aquarium and you could have a spectacular view of the aquatic ecosystem from any part of the restaurant while dining. The aquarium has some unique aquatic lifeforms which are hard to spot elsewhere, such as the female Zebra Shark Zebedee. In the appetizer section, you could enjoy a Lobster, king crab, king oyster, foie gras, and other upper-crust fish. In the main course, you could have Atlantic wild turbo & blue lobster from Brittany, with desserts featuring plates, kumquat confit, and other specialties. The signature beverage ‘Golden cappuccino’ of Al Mahara is a coffee sprinkled with golden dust. You can have an unforgettable Seafood meal in Al Mahara with an amazing view of aquatic lifeforms beside you the whole time. The restaurant opens at 12.30 PM to 3 PM and then opens at 7 PM till midnight.

Fish Market


The fish market is a famous Seafood restaurant located in Radisson Blu Hotel in Deira Dubai. Usually, the restaurant’s tables are likely to be full and its is advised to book the table ahead if you are planning to dine there. You could dine overlooking the creek and on the festival days, you could enjoy watching fireworks from the diner. The Fish Market is famous for its unique seafood cuisine for years now and they offer you a free portion of fries as starters. The restaurant function from 12.30 PM to 3.15 PM and 7.30 PM to 11.15 PM.



Ossiano is a beautiful restaurant with a spiral staircase and a spectacular aquarium. The aquarium is the center of attraction of the restaurants. The tropical fishes, sharks, and rays steal your attention and astonish you with their beauty in the huge tank. Ossiano is an elegant and romantic place for couples. The ambiance of the restaurant and special tables in the restaurant provide extra intimate experience for couples. The restaurant is known for both its Arabian and European cuisine. The food is not just a treat for your tongue, it’s a treat for your eyes as well. The Ossiano opens at 7 PM to 11:30 PM all days of the week.

Aprons & Hammers


The Aprons & Hammers is a crab shack on a dhow in Dubai. The restaurant offers you with aprons to wear so that you don’t spoil your dress for the evening which you smash the crab & lobster morsels with mini wooden hammers. This is actually a fun thing which you probably cannot do with other seafood. And if you are really bad at smashing the morsels, you have a very friendly service restaurant staff to do that for you. You also have regular seafood and chicken dishes in the house. You could have an amazing view of the Dubai Marina and fantastic seafood with fun smashing. The restaurant opens at 12 PM to 12 AM every day.



Pierchic is a Romantic high-end Mediterranean seafood restaurant. Pierchic offers an Over-the-water dining experience with fabulous food and a lovely staff to serve you. The restaurant menu covers many classic kinds of seafood such as oysters, scallops, sashimi, lobster and an array of fresh fish dishes. Pierchic has an elegant and stylish dining space with an amazing view of the Arabian Gulf, the Dubai coastline, the iconic Burj Al Arab and Palm Jumeirah. Pierchic has introduced two new pods alongside the pier, Pierchic Bar serves alcohol & beverages and Pierchic lounge is a space meant for private hire especially to the couples. Pierchic is in bucket list of many couples and should not be missed on a visit to Dubai. The restaurant starts at 1 PM to 3.30 PM and 7 PM to 12:30 AM.

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