Smart Homes

A smart home concept was first introduced in the 1970’s and the technology has been developing ever since. Today the technology that is available for smart homes includes controlling every appliances and system from computers to heating and air conditioning.

A smart home is the appliances and gadgets in a home that are connected to the internet and to a device like a smart phone. The user of a smart home could control and use the various gadgets and appliances in the house by only accessing his smart phone, which acts as a remote.

Smart homes are the latest edition to fine luxury living.  The equipment and systems that are installed in a smart home are designed in a manner that they can all be accessed and controlled from one point. Electronic appliances including lighting, heating and air conditioning are connected to one portal and the user can control these appliances from any place in or away from the house.

A smart home allows a user to find complete luxury from even the smallest of ways. Remote controlled curtains, and lighting that can be altered instantly to suit every mood and taste. In case you are driving home on a hot day and you need your room to be cooled before you reach your home you could use the smart home technology to start your ac while you are on your way and when you reach home you do not have to wait for the room to cool but instead enjoy the cooled environment of your room right away.


Here are some of the devices that you could install to make your home a smart home.

Smart lighting is on the list of smart appliances that find its place in a smart home. Smart lights are LED bulbs use about 80% less energy that the conventional bulbs. Through the smart app on your phone you could be able to remotely control the bulb and turn it off. You could also use the app to set a timer to turn off the bulb.

Smart Safety Measures: One of the components of  smart homes are its access control system. The system can identify the user and allow or deny access to the person on about to enter. The system is configured to identify codes, passwords, finger prints or is fitted with eye scanners. For different users the access control system changes the appliances in the house to suit different users based on the settings that have been pre-loaded.


Smart home sensors can detect changes in temperature, humidity and so on and sends updates to your phone and you could adjust the temperature accordingly thus saving energy and creating the perfect temperature in your home.

As the technology has improved smart home devices have become more affordable and are one of the reasons behind its increased use among the masses.

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