The Adept Automotive Industry

The transport sector is vital to the growth of any nation.  A few factors make the transport sector significant to the economy of the country: a quick commute to the workplaces and back would save time for the commuters. It also reduces the fatigue and stress which is caused by spending too much time in traffic. UAE is a country which has provided its citizens with the best of infrastructure in every field especially with roads that interlink each city in the nation. The other factor that makes the transport sector vital to the country is the impact it has on the economy. The transport sector is linked to many industries such as the construction industry, Building Material Manufacturers, contractors and other industries that contribute to the economy and the growth of the nation.

With the exception of possessing the best of infrastructure, the people of the UAE also have at their disposal transport services that are run by the public and the private sector. The most commonly used mode of transport is four wheelers, the country boasts of having as many super cars in the region and the world. Sheikh Hamad bin Hamdan al Nahyan, a member of the Royal family that rules Abu Dhabi has a collection four hundred cars. These cars are on display the Emirates national Auto museum. For those who would like to own a car, car companies in the UAE not only provide the customer with the car but also provide services for maintenance, provide Car Accessories and much more. For those looking for a more economical option, companies that rent or lease a car for short and long terms are on the market.

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Apart from the purchase or the renting of vehicles, numerous services that help a customer maintain a car are at hand. These services include a car wash and polish centers, finance companies where one could avail loans for the purchase of cars and also get your car insured, car care centers, car warranty companies and customized paint works.

The automotive sector of the UAE is a revenue generating sector that brings in millions of dollars into the country each year and is the second largest automotive market in the GCC. The auto industry in the UAE not only produces cars that are used for general commute but also sports cars and off-road vehicles. The geography of the UAE renders the country with various locations for off-road driving.  Off road driving is an adventure sport that has prompted companies that manufacture vehicles for such sports to set up bases in the UAE. The auto industry of the country is expected to continue its growth in the years to come.

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