Things to do in Dubai this Weekend on 27th May 2016

A weekend is an opportunity to re ignite the flame of energy that would do you heaps of good in the week to come. This week there are a variety of activities to choose from if you are In Dubai, from sports to art and fitness.  Here are a few activities that you could take part in during this weekend to relax and make the weekend count.

Sports: If you are a sports enthusiast, you would want to get tickets to the finals of the Squash World Series Finals. The event that would take place at downtown Dubai, that hosts a state of the art squash court. It is a great opportunity to get caught up in the intensity and passion of sport and give yourself a diversion from routine.

Picasso and Miro, passion and poetry: The exhibition reveals the connection between history and contemporary art while also bringing to light the traditions as was interpreted by two of the twentieth century’s most astonishing a11rtists Pablo Picasso and Joan Miro.

Saloons driving: Head out too Dubai Autodrome for a Single seat Experience. During a single seat experience which lasts for an hour and forty five minutes, you get to drive a single seater at the Dubai autodrome oval circuit. The experience begins with a tutorial by an instructor. You will then be given the safety gear and a helmet. The 1.2 kilometer track would then be yours to enjoy, to bend the road and experience the thrill of the high speed, ultra light weight vehicle.


Dance classes for kids: one of the better extra- curricular activities you could enroll your kids in is a dance class. Dancing has a two-fold your child gets to perform an activity that would impact his/ her physical health and it would also have an impact on their social skills. A shy child would benefit a lot from enrolling in a dance class. Through dance children can learn to work as a team and build friendships and it also removes the
fear of stage performance. This is one of the activities you could let your kids participate in this weekend.

Find Best Music & Dance Schools in UAE

Meditation: Take part in a meditation event to get negativity out of your life and infuse renewed energy into your body. He miracle wellness center offers a meditation program that promises to heal the mind suffering from emotional trauma. Meditation would also help relieve stress and rejuvenate mind and body.



















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