Things to Know Before Buying a Sofa

A sofa is a prime piece of furniture in your living room. The Style and design of the sofa at most times helps enhance the look of the room. Comfort is also a matter that needs attention when buying a sofa. Here are a few tips to buy a sofa that would give you the perfect cozy spot and bring elegance to your room.

Measure your space: Before you buy a sofa use an inch tape to measure exactly the space available for the sofas in your living room. Knowing how much space you have would give you a clear picture of what kind of sofa would fit in perfectly.

Consider the right size: You don’t want a sofa that uses most of the space in your living room. For instance, an L shaped sofa would occupy a lot of space which could be put to use otherwise. Compact sectional sofas are not the best choice when your room is already crowded with other furniture. Instead sofas with a double cushion would do nicely, along with a coffee table.

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More measurement: Measure the height of the ceiling and the windows if any. Buy a sofa that is lower than the window sill. If your ceiling is not more than 8 feet, make sure your sofa is low. This would make the ceiling look higher than it is.

Hues that sync: Choose colors that are neutral and that would match the interiors of the room. Choosing a color that is neutral is a great idea as it would always stay in vogue and render a classic look to your room.

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Manage cushions: Managing cushions is an important aspect. If the sofas your looking to buy, needs to accommodate more than two persons then it’s advised to go with a single cushion. A double cushion would be uncomfortable for the person who would occupy the middle of the sofa. But if you won’t be expecting many visitors then a double cushion would be a neat choice.

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Know your fabrics: Before choosing a fabric, ask the store to give you a sample of the fabric and the color. Look at the fabric in the light of your room. This would give you a better idea of the kind of fabric and color that would be perfect for your room. Fabrics come in different designs, stripes, floral, patterned and so on. Choose a fabric that you go with the interiors of your room. If your room is of a traditional style then a floral or Victorian pattern would go well with it.

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You would also have to make the choice between leather and fabric. A leather sofa is an expensive option but it has its benefits. Besides giving your room a classic look they are long lasting. Leather does not get damaged easily and is one of the best upholstery available.

On the other hand fabric is much cheaper than leather. And fabric gives you more choices that suit the interiors of your room.

Buy a Few extra meters of Fabric: It is good to buy a few extra meters of the same fabric on your sofa for repairs in the future. This is a prudent decision you could make considering fabric don’t last as long as leather.  

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