5 Things to know before buying an AC

Here are a few tips to help you buy an air conditioner that fits your requirements perfectly.

How many ton do you need? : Your air conditioner would have a tag that reads 3 ton or 4 ton. The ton refers to the amount of heat your ac can remove from a room. A bigger room would require an ac with more cooling power than a smaller room. So to find out what tonnage of air conditioning your room needs you could perform a simple calculation such as this:

If your room is 15 feet long and 20 feet wide

Then multiply 15 X 20= 300 which means your room is 300 square feet.

Take the square root of the 300 and divide by 10.

The square root of 300 is 17.32

17.32/10= 1.73

Therefore, you would require a 1.7 ton ac for your room. This simple calculation helps you find the right air conditioner. You could also get an expert from any of the ac installation companies to calculate and suggest the perfect ac. This would help you buy an ac that would give your room the perfect comfort temperature while not consuming too much energy.

Say no to online purchases: Do not purchase an air conditioner online. You may get a discount and save a few bucks but most these online purchases do not come with guarantee and warranties. When you make a direct purchase, the companies give you a warranty. This could be used to service your ac for free whenever required.

Accessories for outdoor units: These days’ outdoor units are built to withstand any climate. You need to spend more money on accessories to protect your outdoor unit. It is good to make sure that your outdoor unit is 7 to 8 feet above the ground for the better cooling. The outdoor unit should also be placed on a flat surface.ac1

The Right distance: Consider where your indoor and outdoor units are to be placed. The maximum distance between the indoor and outdoor units is 15 meters. However, the farther the distance the more energy is required for the unit to function. The lesser the distance between the indoor and outdoor unit, the longer the life span of the ac.

Star Ratings: Check the star ratings on the ac that you are about to purchase. The star ratings are from one to five. An air conditioner with 5 stars would be more expensive but it would consume less electricity.

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