Things to Know when Buying a Used Car

Purchasing a used car could be economical and an ideal option considering the fact that a car which is only a year old could be bought at half the price of a new car. But unlike the purchase of a new car, there is always the chance of being exploited. There are a few checks that you could run to ensure that the car you are purchasing is up to standards and does not have any hidden damage.

Do Your Research: Before you head out to test drive or inspect the car, find out the make and model of the car and do a little research. By reading a few customer reviews you would be able to identify certain common defects of the car.  You would also be able to understand the price and the value of the car that you are looking to buy.  


Test Drive: During the test drive you would have a better understanding of the condition of the car. You could note how the car responds when making sharp turns, the condition of the engine and the brakes. Also, note whether the electronics in the car are functioning properly. During your test drive, you could also conduct a leak test. If there is a leak, that is the sign that the car needs some repair. You could park the car in a location that is clear and run the car for about thirty seconds, you will be able to identify if any fluids leak from the car.  

A Thorough Inspection: The next step would be to give the car a thorough examination.  You need to look if any parts of the car have begun to rust and if there is a dent in the car. Also, inspect the internals of the car like the upholstery. And finally, when you take a look under the hood of the car, you are looking for rusted or dirty parts. This inspection is vital because the condition of the car would have a huge impact on the price of the car.

Hire a Mechanic: Hiring a mechanic to do the inspection for you is also an option worth considering because by overlooking a few faults with the car you may have to spend huge amounts after purchasing the car for repairs and maintenance. A mechanic would be able to identify any hidden damage which is common is used cars.

Certified Used Cars: A certified used car comes with warranties and offers a certain degree of quality assurance which you would not receive from other used car dealers.  Hence, purchasing a certified pre-owned vehicle is also an option worth considering.

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