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Tools have been used by humans since time immemorial for various purposes beginning with tools for hunting to the modern day tools that help us to work efficiently like Calculators and Computers. They are objects that help one to complete a task more efficiently and have been employed in every profession from farming to carpentry. Today tools have been developed to an extent that any task has a set tool to make the job easier. For instance: to drive a nail into a wall, a hammer was required. In more recent times, to do the same, an electrically propelled screwdriver would help one to drill as many nails required in a very short period of time. Tools have developed as technology has progressed. They are a part of the hardware industry and are commercially manufactured for specific tasks. A few of the tools that are used in a domestic environment are drillers, screwdrivers, wrenches, clamps, pliers and hammers. tools 2

The UAE has a unique set of antique tools on display at the museums of Ras al Khaimah, Sharjah, Um Al Qaiwain and Al Ain. These tools give us an insight into the life of the people of the UAE. Tools that were used for pearl fishing and for making coffee along with anvils, hammers and other Stone Age tools have been unearthed at various archaeological sites.

Before the discovery of oil, the major profession of the people of the UAE was pearl fishing. The kit that was used to assist the pearl divers were the boulder that helped the diver to dive deep into the sea, the nose clip that enabled him to hold his breath for as long as possible, the leather gloves to protect themselves from any sharp edges of the oyster shells and the basket that was used to collect these oysters. The UAE like many countries also has specific tools to brew coffee. Al Tawa and AL Mehmas were used to roast coffee, Al Rashad for grinditools 1ng the coffee and Al Mehnaz for softening and thickening food. Al Dallah is the pot or utensil that was used to brew coffee. These antique tools that were utilized for pearl fishing and making coffee are a part of the culture and tradition of the UAE. As the centuries have moved on, the UAE found development in every sector. These Construction Tools are still a part of everyday life of the Emiratis and are preserved for the future generations to remember their roots and their own culture.

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