5 Maintenance Tips For Your Refrigerator

Keeping your refrigerator clean and well organised is not enough, you also need to ensure that the internal components function efficiently. The cooling efficiency of your refrigerator is bound to decrease over a period of time. If you don’t want that to happen you must follow these five tips to keep your refrigerator in proper running condition.

Clean the Interior of your Refrigerator

Make sure to use a damp cloth to clean the interior of your refrigerator. Remove any detachable trays and clean the trays separately do not use harsh cleaning agents which contain acid. You can clean stains using elbow grease and mild detergent. Airtight containers can be used to seal away odours to keep the food fresher longer these containers are less prone to leakage. You can use mild cleaning agents to clean the stainless steel components of your fridge. Using a deodoriser is more effective than using baking soda powder.

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Keep your Refrigerator Doors Shut During a Power Outage

The most common mistake done by people is leaving their fridge doors open in the event of a power outage. Doing so will not only reduce the cooling efficiency of your refrigerator but also spoil the condenser unit. Keeping the doors closed during a power outage will help keep your food protected for a long period of time. Most modern refrigerators are designed retain temperature for more than 24 hours without power supply. If your fridge is more than ten years old you should go for a new one as older models use three times more electricity as compared to newer models.


Clean the Condenser Coils Once in Six Months

If you don’t want your refrigerator to loose its cooling efficiency you must make sure to clean its condenser coils every once in six months. Condenser coils play a major role in removing heat from refrigerators and freezers. They comprise of large coils which resemble a car radiator coil. Condenser coils are present beneath the fridge therefore they are prone to dust accumulation. A dusty condenser coil cannot remove heat effectively so without regular cleaning your fridge is prone to condenser failure. In order to clean your condenser coil you must use a long handled bristle brush and a vacuum cleaner.

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Clean the Gasket Seal Periodically

The refrigerator gasket is a rubber seal which is used in your fridge and freezer doors. Cleaning this seal is highly essential as it plays an important role in sealing out warm air. Over a period of time these rubber gaskets tend to wear out therefore you must make it a point to replace the gasket once in two years. Rubber gaskets are relatively inexpensive and easy to get, you can use a concentrated cleaning spray to clean the gasket.


Defrost your Freezer

In order to remove the accumulated frost from the walls of the freezer effectively you can turn off the thermostat by unplugging the unit. This allows the accumulated frost to melt thereby making the process easier. You can also use a defroster spray to remove frost off your refrigerator walls. Most modern refrigerators come with a self defrosting system which heats up the cooling coils once every five hours to prevent frost accumulation. Another important thing is to replace your ice maker or water dispenser once every six months to prevent foul odours.


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