Towards a future in Medical Tourism

The UAE is a nation that aims at having international standards in every field, be it infrastructure, technology, telecommunication or transport. And it is no different in the health sector as well. The Government of Dubai is planning an initiative to make Dubai an international medical tourist destination. Reputed hospitals from around the globe are geared up to set up base camp at the Emirate. Hospitals from the United States and the UK are already cashing in by bringing their already established standards of health care to the UAE.  The London King’s Hospital that would open in Dubai in 2018 is the newest member to join the club of international hospitals making their home in Dubai.


The government of UAE is taking on the health issues of its people through multi-awareness programs on healthy eating habits and the effects of leading a sedentary life. The most commonly found sickness in the UAE is Diabetes and Obesity; to counter the growing rate of diabetes in the nation, the government conducts health awareness programs and events such as cycle to work UAE to help people realize the wonders a little exercise could do to put you on the path to a healthy life. The best of western medicine is always made available to the patients. The cost of the medicines is high but with the government stepping in to develop the Health Care Management of the nation, the number of hospitals and nursing homes in the country is increasing and the cost of health care is expected to reduce in the near future.


Dubai Health Strategy 2021 is a five-year plan to develop the health sector in Dubai. HH Sheikh Mohammad Al Maktoum inaugurated the scheme to ensure the good health and safety of the people of Dubai while being committed to innovation and providing a health service system of the highest quality. The government would also collaborate with the private sector to improve the health sector to the maximum in the next five years. The plan has 4 main approaches, 6 objectives, 15 programs and 93 initiatives.

Arab Health 2016 Congress is the second largest gathering of medical experts in the World. The four-day Event this year welcomed 400 companies to display their innovations in the field of medicine with conferences, product exhibitions, and seminars.

The second phase of the dental camp inaugurated by HH Hamdan Bin Mohammad, crown prince of Dubai, would offer dental treatment to 4000 workers in the UAE this year.

With the UAE looking at its options to becoming a more health-conscious nation, the health sector of the country has already had a perfect start to the New Year with a variety of events and schemes announced with long term goals. Medical tourism is about to turn into a major sector in the UAE. The hospitals of the west are already vying with each other for a spot in the UAE and to expand their healthcare brand in the emirates. These hospitals are equipped with the latest technology required for every branch of health care. The first six months of the last year saw 256,097 medical tourists visit Dubai. This number is expected to rise significantly in the near future. 3 million square feet in the Mall of the world, Dubai, referred to as the ‘wellness zone’ is being constructed specifically to enhance medical tourism. Medical tourism in Dubai will have a huge impact on the economy of the nation in the years to come.

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