Ceilings in Dubai

There is a thriving competition among the architects trying to make their work better and monumental than the other. This healthy competition makes each piece of work unique and Iconic. For those who are looking for information on ceilings, this blog is for you. There are 6 types of ceilings categorized based on their Shape, design and height.

Cathedral Ceiling


Cathedral ceiling is traditional ceiling model which has its center point elevated and the ceiling equally falls on the sides of the wall.

Dropped Ceiling 


Dropped ceiling is a parallel ceiling method, in which there would be a secondary ceiling peripheral to the primary ceiling to make space for HVAC, acoustic damping or piping for fire resistant measures. Dropped ceilings are very common in commercial buildings.

Concave Ceiling


Concave shaped ceiling has an upward curved structure in the ceiling. These kind of ceilings could be seen in mosques or ancient Roman structures.

Coffered Ceiling 


Coffered ceilings are designed in a grid fashion. This kind of ceiling could be easily spotted in hotels and restaurants.

Cove Ceiling


Cove ceiling has a curved transition of plaster.

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Stretched Ceiling


Stretched ceiling has a perimeter track and a flimsy membrane made up of fabric which stretches and clips in to the track.

What are the trending ceilings in Dubai?

A False Ceiling is very popular and trending among the class of architects and interior designers. False ceilings are common to site in Dubai and their utilization in the construction business is just the order of the day. Even though the site of false ceiling is so common in UAE, Every other design and model of false ceiling would just swipe you off your feet. False ceilings fall under the category of Dropped ceilings where the secondary ceiling is peripheral to the main ceiling. The main is stays the same as in Dropped ceiling. The peripheral ceiling is designed and decorated to appear as a false roof over your head. It would like the dining hall of Hogwarts except the magic.

Metal Ceilings are also one of the most favorable ceiling types in UAE. A Metal ceiling is basically a False ceiling with a metal finish. Again  Dropped ceiling technique in incorporates to build metal ceiling where a peripheral ceiling is structured beneath the main ceiling to give a illusive or dazzling look to the roof.


There are many companies and consultants in UAE who could help you out with the design and construction of the ceiling you desire. And there are numerous manufacturers who supply ceiling products to make various kinds of ceilings. By opting for ceiling products one can reduce the work of structuring. You could just by the ceiling products and install them. It gives remarkable finishing and look to the ceiling.

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