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Exhibition stands is one of the most cost effective means to get your products in front of the customers. Exhibiting is a great medium to interact with prospective buyers. Marketers have the opportunity to interact with prospective clients and build trust relationships with the clients. The strategy of using exhibition stands to get ideas across to clients has been in vogue for a considerable period of time. But in recent years different trends are emerging which enhances the effect exhibition stands have on customers and marketers are making full use of the available technology and emerging trends to stay on top of the market. Here is a look at the top trending exhibition stands that have been influenced by modern technology.

3D Printed Exhibition Stands:

3 D printers that are capable of printing supercars to office buildings are now being used to print exhibition stands. This new technology brings a lot of advantages to marketers who use 3D printed exhibitions stands. The affordable cost and the availability of materials that are used in the creation of 3D printed stands would make them a favored option among marketers in the very near future.



A picture speaks a thousand words and marketers are turning to graphics to get their message across to the customers. The cost effectiveness of fabric graphics is also an advantage that enables marketers to create graphic displays that are more appealing to the spectators.  Large scale fabric graphics do not require adhesives, pins or nails for installation and would provide the most pleasing appearance.

Touch Screen Exhibitions:

The easiest way to make your exhibition stand more interactive is to install touch screens. The development of large touch screen technology has been a boon to marketers as exhibition stands with touch screens attract more customers. Large touch screens are also affordable and in the near future would find a place in all trade shows across the globe.


Projection Mapping:

Projection mapping enables the projection of images on surfaces of any irregular shape. If a marketer is looking to attract customers with attractive graphical images, projection mapping is the most affordable choice and when used in exhibition stands is known to attract more customers than other methods.


Technology would continue to have a great impact on marketing tools such as exhibition stands in the years to come, providing marketers with the best medium to put forth their ideas and run their campaigns.

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