Types of Fuel Tanks

Fuel tanks are storage containers that are designed and built to store flammable liquids. The term “fuel tank” is most commonly used to refer to a part of the engine in an automobile where the fuel is stored. However, storage tanks that are used to store fuel may also be called fuel tanks. There are various types of fuel tanks that are designed depending on the kind of vehicle or aircraft in which they would be used. Some of the most commonly used types of fuel tanks that are used in automobiles and airplanes are metal fuel tanks, plastic high-density polyethylene, integral fuel tank and a bladder tank.

Metal Fuel Tanks:

Stamped sheets of steel or aluminum are welded together to construct metal fuel tanks. Metal fuel tanks are primarily used in automobiles to store and transport fuel to the engine. These tanks are beneficial to the environment as well as they trap harmful gasses such as sulfur oxide and carbon monoxide that are emitted when the fuel is consumed by the engine, within the engine. Therefore these tanks help in limiting the fuel emissions.


A plastic high-density polyethylene (HDPE) tank:

Plastic high-density polyethylene (HDPE) tanks that are installed in modern automobiles carry numerous benefits when compared to the metal tank. They are not only capable of carrying larger amounts of fuel but can also be designed and produced in any shape.  The flexibility of these tanks gives automobile manufacturers the option of placing them in any part of the automobile without causing damage to the tank. They can also withstand high temperatures, and will not cause an explosion during a car crash. HDPE tanks have a seamless build which makes them resistant to rupture or explosions.

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Integral Fuel tank:

Portions of an aircraft that have been sealed and used as fuel tanks are called integral fuel tanks. One of the examples of an integral fuel tank is the ‘wet wing’, in which the inside of the wings of the aircraft is used as a fuel tank. An integral fuel tank is used in large aircrafts.


Bladder Tank:

Bladder tanks are also used in airplanes. A bladder tank is built in the shape of a large rubber bag and can be placed in any part of the aircraft that can support the weight of the tank.  The tank is secured by means of fasteners. Bladder tanks are used by smaller and light airplanes and helicopters.  The materials that are used to manufacture bladder tanks are usually UV resistant. These tanks are lightweight, flexible and can be used in various applications across different fields.  

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