Unique Uses of LEDs

The invention of LED lights is probably one of the best technological advancements of our time. Innovative and unique uses of LEDs has lead to a drastic increase in their demand, because of their advantages over other lighting products or equipment. LEDs were thought of merely as those red lights in laser pointers and remotes, until an innovative breakthrough, making them the most preferred use in various lighting and visually aesthetic applications over other alternatives. They hold several advantages over traditional incandescent lighting and other alternative lighting solutions, such as low power consumption, no heat as a byproduct, low maintenance costs, long life span, and eco-friendly and so on.

Today, LEDs are used in a colossal range of applications, including headlights, pool lighting, televisions, clothing and even wallpapers. The drastic increase in their applications in recent years is mainly due to their energy-efficiency and effective output capacities. A few other advantages of LEDs that make them attractive are their size, flexibility in usage, no heat emission, and a bunch of other perks that make them suitable for various conditions. Apart from these common, yet brilliant uses, here are some extremely unique uses of LEDs today:


Unique Uses of LEDs

LED Roof Panels

LED panels, designed to fit an entire roofing space are used to light up rooms, while making people more productive and creative. Since LEDs are way more energy-efficient that incandescent bulbs and lamps, their use is far more beneficial in offices, homes, and just about everywhere else. These LED panels are placed together, covering the entire roof, and can be used to provide lighting, as well as virtual sceneries. Virtual sky is a trending use of LEDs at home, offices, lobbies, and  reception areas. They were originally designed to replace ceiling panels at offices, making the employees feel relaxed and calm, improving their productivity.  


Bionic Contact Lens

Bionic contact lens, today, are being developed and designed to help the visually impaired and as an introduction to new-age gaming. The bionic lens is designed to look and function the same as a normal contact lens, with advanced bionic technology. The lens is equipped with functional electronic circuits and infrared lights to fabricate a virtual display. The lens operates on radio frequencies that are picked up by an antenna, which is transformed into energy and stored by the integrated circuit. This energy is harvested by the chips and is used to power the LEDs that create the images onto the retina. The LEDs in the lens can display virtual images like words, charts, and photographs in front of the eye. The latest advancement in this technology brought about a prototype wifi enabled bionic lens early this year, capable of communicating with smartphones with up to 11Mbits/sec.


LED Eyelashes

LED eyelashes are a growing trend among women who want to make their eyes look bigger, or to look like they’re a part of a Sci-fi reality. The cosmetic device is fitted with a mercury sensor that switches the LEDs on or off with the tilt of your head. These eyelashes are a brilliant innovation by Soomi Park that fulfills the desire to make one’s eyes look bigger. It is simple to use and apply, exactly the same as false eyelashes, and can easily be removed, like removing a piece of jewelry.


LED Wallpapers

LED and LED embedded wallpapers are a revolutionary alternative to traditional wallpapers and wall paints. Imagine being able to change the color of your walls with the flip of a switch, instead of the tiring and expensive process of painting your walls. LED wallpapers are embedded with LEDs which emit a soothing, smooth glow, which can be configured to display any color and ever a range of designs and patterns. These certainly help lighten up the place, with easy control and efficient power usage. They even come in the form of normal design-printed wallpapers with LEDs embedded in their designs, making them attractive and unique.


LED Light Strips

Flexible LED strips are amazing, elegant and can be used in a wide range of applications. They are used in cars to line roofs and audio systems, and home to line cabinets, drawer edges, roof edges, closets, showcases, stairs, kitchen counter-tops, mirror edges, and an endless list of possibilities. Their innovative uses help improve the aesthetics of any place, without much expense, like garden furniture, fountains, pool edges, porch roofs, car sheds, and so on. LED light strips are available in a wide range of colors and color changing options to choose from. These strips are super lightweight and practical to use almost anywhere. The entire strip usually comes in a roll and can be cut to size and used without the help of a professional. They are waterproof, cost-effective and energy-efficient, making them all the more attractive.


LEDs are basically categorized and divided into miniature, high-powered and AC-driven LEDs. These types of LEDs vary in size, type, capacity, durability, and effect, making them unique in their applications and uses, and preference of each over the others.The miniature type is commonly single-die, come in a range of sizes from 2 to 8 mm, and are used as indicators. Miniature LEDs are of three types, based on their power usage and output, namely low-current, standard and Ultra-high output. High-power LEDs or high-output LEDs are capable of converting electricity into high-intensity lightings, and it is mainly used in products and circumstances that require intense, stable lighting, such as car headlights and motorcycle headlights. AC-driven LEDs are capable of operating on AC current without the need for a DC converter. They are highly efficient in their output and power usage and come in a range of application-specific variations. A few of these variations include flashing, bi-color, tri-color, RGB, decorative-multicolor, digital-RGB, filament, and alphanumeric LEDs.

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