Things to Know When Buying used Furniture

Buying used furniture could be a benefit in many ways. You may get a very good piece of furniture for an unreasonably cheap price and on occasions you may also find furniture with tags of top notch companies. But on occasions it could get tricky, a wrong turn and you may end up with furniture that is not worth a penny. So, here are a few things to look out for when purchasing used furniture.

Personal Inspection: While buying used furniture it is always advisable to avoid buying it through online stores. It is better to have a look at the piece to examine and also give it a try by sitting on it. If you feel comfortable and do not find the furniture to creek or wobble then that is a good sign.


Look for Labels: If you find furniture with the labels of top notch brands then that is a true stroke of luck. Sometimes you could buy used furniture that is in good shape and manufactured by leading brands for a much cheaper price. Certain brands of furniture tend to last a long time in spite of the amount of usage they might have see. So if you find a piece of furniture with the label of a top brand that looks clean and feels comfortable, you don’t want to miss it.

Know your space:  When you are about to buy furniture always measure your room and know how much space you have for the furniture. When you buy used furniture that is too big to fit in, there would be no return option and you may end up having to sell or replace the piece for less than you may have purchased it.

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Repairs: Look for cracks or if the wood has started to decay. Certain damages are almost impossible to repair like water damage. Buy furniture that needs repairs only when you are absolutely certain that it can be repaired. Check the upholstery and if the filling is good and does not need to be changed. Foam is a costly material to replace, and so are other repairs. Therefore, avoid the usual mistake of buying a piece of furniture that requires a lot of work.

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A closer examination: If the furniture has a foul smell then it is wise not to buy it. Furniture that has a foul smell is not a good sign and there is also the possibility of bugs. Attention is required when buying used furniture as a piece of furniture that was not tended to properly may bring with it undesirable sicknesses and bugs.

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