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Today, Vehicle Graphics are used in various applications and for various purposes. They can either be ornamental and decorative or commercial and informative or sometimes even a mix of the two. There is no limit to their variety, personal and informal, or professional and minimal. Vehicle wraps, decal stickers, and vinyl graphics can transform your vehicle, whether a car, van, truck or a pickup, into a work of art or a cost-efficient and attractive marketing tool.

Owning and managing a business is not an easy task, and developing an effective marketing and advertising strategy usually takes up a lot of time and money. Developing an effective marketing strategy plays an important role in improving numbers in sales and potential customers, and improves brand image visibility. In comparison to other marketing techniques and means of advertisement, the use of vehicle graphics and wraps has several advantages, making it the best choice. There are various types of vehicle graphics, the most common being:

Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle wraps are a close alternative to a custom paint job, minus the heavy weight on your wallet. Custom wraps for your vehicles, from cars to trucks, usually last several years and more, while protecting your vehicle from the forces of nature. They are fully customizable and cover your entire vehicle. Vehicle wraps are commonly made from vinyl material, which is highly durable and would not need to be replaced in the near future. Their durability makes them a long-term investment worth your money.


Custom Stickers

Custom stickers are a less expensive way to customize your vehicle, with graphics that cover only a part of your vehicle. These stickers are less expensive than vehicle wraps as less material is used, with custom or standard designs, designed and installed by professionals. These include door stickers, bumper stickers and so on of various sizes. Businesses use company logos, taglines, hotline numbers, attractive graphics, and slogans to attract the attention of potential customers and improve brand visibility.


Magnetic Signs

Magnetic vehicle signs are like custom stickers, more customizable and less expensive that vehicle wraps. These signs have a magnetic base which allows you to place and remove the sign anywhere on your car, as long as the surface area is metallic. If you have a car that you use for both your business and personal use, this is an ideal alternative. The sign itself can be easily customized in shape and size, and the surface can be printed with custom graphics or details to displayed.



Decals are stickers of individual letters, numbers or designs put together to form brand names, taglines, lists, contact information and much more. The most commonly used decals are ‘peel-and-stick’ vinyl decals. These vinyl stickers are applied to any surface area of the vehicle, usually on the most visible areas like the doors, rear end, hood, and so on. Vinyl sticker decals are also commonly called vinyl cut decals and are cheaper than vehicle wraps, graphics, and magnetic signs.

door decals

When choosing the perfect graphics for your vehicle, choosing the right type of vinyl is key. Yes, there is more than one type of vinyl used in vehicle stickers and graphics. If your graphics are meant for flat surfaces like large box trucks or vans, high-performance calendered vinyl is ideal. While graphics for more curved vehicles, like pickup trucks, would require cast material, which is easy to fit onto uneven body lines. Vehicle wraps, however, use accent vinyl material, to change the look of your vehicle without breaking the original paint.

Using vehicle graphics is an effective way to improve brand visibility, as a much more affordable and long-term marketing and advertising alternative. Vehicle graphics provide high awareness, at low costs, and is proven to provide the lowest cost-per-impression than any other form of advertising. A few other benefits of using vehicle graphics include local targeting and increased local awareness, brand consistency, and creative versatility. Check our page to find vehicle graphics professionals near you.

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