Make Your Home Smarter With An AI Personal Assistant

Home Automation has been around for decades together but has recently started gaining more hype among technophiles across the planet. Recent developments in home automation can turn your regular home into a smart home with an AI that can carry out almost any task from getting your bath ready and making breakfast to playing your favorite songs and answering questions. Up until not so long ago, home automation was a superb application of systems integration, with an easy control of various electronics, home entrance, and household appliances connected to the internet. Voice-controlled home automation today is a step up from what smart homes were 10 or even 5 years ago. Artificial Intelligence, built to listen, respond and carry out a bunch of tasks to help you get ready for work, keep your kids entertained, recognize friends and family, and carry out multiple tasks at once, can make your life that much easier.


Jarvis – Mark Zuckerberg’s own Home Personal Assistant

Over the last year, Mark Zuckerberg has dedicated his time and knowledge into designing and creating ‘Jarvis’, a personal assistant based on Tony Stark’s Personal Assistant AI. Close to the end of last year, Mark released a video demonstration of Jarvis’ capabilities, from morning greetings and reminders to access control and facial recognition. At the beginning of 2016, Mark set out to program and code a simple AI to help run his home, which recognizes voice commands and carries out those commands. Jarvis runs on an AI that listens and understands commands from an app that Mark built, which uses Artificial Intelligence to recognize voice commands and convert them into functions.

Jarvis, designed by Mark Zuckerberg uses several AI techniques including natural language processing, such as speech recognition, reinforced learning and face recognition. Jarvis is capable of giving Mark real-time updates, keeping his child entertained, collecting personal data like his favorite songs, and controls lighting, sound and display systems on command. Mak states that even appliances that aren’t connected to the internet can be controlled using power switches that are connected to the internet to remotely power-on or off the appliance, and says that this still isn’t enough.

Jarvis is capable of responding and communicating in several different languages and responds intelligently to questions, compliments, and statements. This smart AI also carries out accurate timeline operations like getting breakfast ready and performing immediate operations like setting up conference calls. Another cool thing about Jarvis is its ability to recognize people, automatically let them in and notify Mark about who’s at the gate or on their way in. Jarvis is designed to respond to certain commands, questions or statements with a sense of humor, making it more intelligent than any standard voice AI. The AI can feature other voices or dialogues from various movies, making its responses far more entertaining. And if Mark is not up to talking to Jarvis, he just sends Jarvis a text through a messenger bot that he designed. The messenger bot also lets Jarvis send Mark text reminders and notifications wherever he is. Although Jarvis is a brilliant AI, its operational capabilities are not unlimited, and Mark is constantly looking for ways to make Jarvis better.Mark-Zuckerberg-Builts-AI-Assistant-Jarvis-for-his-Home-1728x800_c-696x322


Other tech-savvy developers have engineered, designed, programmed and built their own voice controlled Smart Home AI Personal Assistants. is designed with a programming language that supports natural language voice commands, which include greetings, instructions, questions and much more. Josh can control and connect to any smart device, from any device like controlling your speakers using your smartwatch, temperature control using your smartphone or even control your lighting using your desktop. Josh can even understand commands using wireless, hands-free voice recognition devices like echo, making life that much more productive and easier. Josh give you control of your devices at home from just about anywhere, guaranteeing peace of mind and convenience.

With perfect integration, Josh’s network is connected to different sensors like temperature and motion sensors, with energy saving applications that shut down all your systems when you leave your house. Smart devices are becoming smarter, and their adoption and adaptation can help make home truly smart homes. Josh’s tap to control and voice control AI comes with a custom interface to control all your connected devices from lighting and audio, security systems and sensors to locks, sprinklers, garage doors, and shades. Although Josh is available on the market, it only fully supports English commands and voice recognition.


Even though not all home automation systems have extensive learning patterns and intensive capabilities, most modern home automation technology with touch or voice control can help make your life a lot easier. Make your home a smarter, better home with home automation today and make your life easier. 

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