What Is In vehicle Infotainment

In vehicle infotainment (IVI) systems have revolutionised the automobile industry over the past decade. IVI systems are designed by windows embedded automotive 7 software platform, it is powered by an Intel atom processor.

IVI systems use Bluetooth technology to help you sync your electronic tablets such as smart phones, tablets and laptops. They allow passengers get in touch with entertainment on the go. They are embedded with WiFi adaptors and data tethering which help you gain access to the internet and stay in touch with social media new feed. The hands free option allows you to attend incoming and outgoing calls using voice commands and hand gestures as you drive. They support USB flash drives and micro SD card, they help you play audio, access navigation map and connect your smart phone.


Modern IVI systems come with an attractive user interface and an integrated touch screen display, they comprise of a full LED screen which enhances gaming and movie viewing experience. Other features include driver assistance, cloud based infotainment, head-up display and interior personalization.


In vehicle infotainment systems are not just used for entertainment purposes only, they are also used to provide road assistance and emphasise on road safety. They include safety features like night vision, video and data recording, rear camera and black box recording. It focuses on creating an innovative application which interacts with electronic control for remote monitoring and in car multimedia experience. You can connect to your local TV network and stay updated with news and entertainment.

Integrated satellite navigation system.

IVI navigation systems traces the shortest route to your destination considering traffic delays they re-route the navigation if there is traffic congestion or any delays. These systems are linked to the car’s fuel meter, they trace a route to the nearest fuel station when the car reaches reserve fuel capacity. Most cars are equipped with satellite navigation systems so they need not relay on mobile data or internet connectivity. They are embedded with integrated voice recognition system which can detect a soft whisper. Some navigation systems project their display on the car’s windshield which offers an integrated driving experience.



Future of In-vehicle infotainment

Harman Becker group of companies focuses on improving in car infotainment. They are planning to launch the best in class systems which specialise in providing best entertainment system. They are designing an integrated sensor which detects the driver’s fatigue and alerts him using an alarm system. The company is currently focused on designing a systems which enables multiple users to connect their device to a single interface.   They are also working on a big project which deals with automatic driving system with artificial intelligence.


Top 10 cars which are equipped with the best in class in vehicle infotainment systems are Mercedes GL class, BMW X5, X6, Audi all road, Audi Q7, Infiniti QX80, Land rover Range rover evoque, Cadillac SRX, Range rover and Porshe Cayenne.


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