When To Replace Your Automobile Spare Parts

What are auto spare parts?

All automobiles such as cars, motorcycles, buses and trucks comprise of interior metallic components which enable the vehicle to run properly. These metallic parts are known as spare parts.

Some common spare parts are Piston, crank shaft, belt, fuel injector, air filter, oil filter, battery etc.


 How often do you have to change them?

In order for your car to function optimally you must make sure that you change the spare parts periodically. Periodic replacement of spare parts will increase the durability of your vehicle.

Most spare parts must be replaced at regular intervals, whereas some of them must be replaced as they wear out. Parts such as piston rings, air filter, oil filters, AC filter, fuel filter etc must be replaced periodically. Other spares such as tyres, brake pads, etc must be replaced as they wear out.

The key is to hire a skilled mechanic who conducts a thorough inspection of your vehicle to determine whether the parts need replacement. Most companies who manufacture spare parts will try to trick the customer by asking him to change a particular spare prematurely. Hiring a skilled mechanic is a better option.

Consult the owner’s manual provided by the manufacturer of the vehicle. The owner’s manual contains vital information about the servicing intervals. The manufacturers will specify the right time to change the spares in your vehicle. This will give you a clear idea about your vehicle. Conduct a small research about your vehicle and the components used in them. All manuals specify at what interval which spare part must be changed.

Before hunting for spare parts make sure that you study about all vendors that manufacture parts for your vehicle, choose the best brand among them. Consult an experienced can owner, who is well aware of the functions of the car, he will provide the best advice about changing the components of a car.

Try consulting different dealers, compare prices from different vendors. This will help you narrow down your choice. Select the cheap and best product among them.  Verify the quality of goods make sure that they are certified original products. Check whether the manufacturer issues warranty to the product. Prefer purchasing from the buyer who issues longest warranty period. When you consult a spare part dealer make sure that you enquire about where they get their parts, whether they are tested properly.


Where to find spares?

In today’s world the internet plays a major role in digital marketing. You can find several websites who sell spare parts but however, you will not have the opportunity to check it before purchasing. It is recommended to visit a spare parts dealer and collect appropriate information about the product and inspect it thoroughly before you purchase it.

At what interval do you have to change your spares?

 Most cars require replacement of battery after 3 to 5 years of running this depends on the condition of the battery, a well maintained battery will require replacement after every 7 years. The oil filter should be replaced as you change the engine oil because a clogged oil filter will result in poor oil circulation and reduced efficiency.

A car’s tyres should be replaced after every 12,000 km of running (7,500 miles) it is better to use fully synthetic engine oil instead of semi synthetic or mineral oil. Fully synthetic engine oil can withstand more heat and heavy pressure.

The serpentine belt must be replaced after 6 years of usage or after 120,000 km(75,000 miles) this is an important component of your car, if it snaps due to excess pressure it will lead to engine failure.

The brakes must be replaced as they wear out, as time progresses the braking efficiency of the vehicle will reduce. On average driving conditions brakes will last for 100,000 miles (160,000 km). The brake pads must be replaced more frequently preferably after 3,730 miles (6,000 km) of running.

The air filter must be replaced after 30,000 miles (48,000 km). The air filter accumulates dust, if the vehicle is driven on dusty roads they must be replaced sooner.

All of the above components must be replaced if they wear out prematurely, some vehicles might require replacement of parts sooner or later depending on the manufacturer’s design. The owner’s manual will give you an idea about when to replace your spares.

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